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Thursday, October 23. HCDP Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting at 6 pm at the Party headquarters, 4300 North Access Road. All Democrats are always welcome to attend our board meetings. 

  •  :: Chair Terry Lee and Vice Chair Jackie Dowell welcome you to our new Headquarters at 4300 North Access Road.
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Our Recommendations on the Constitutional Amendments of the November 2014 Ballot


  • NO on Amendment 1.  HCDP recommends voting NO on Constitutional Amendment 1 because its passage would allow the Legislature to pass the strictest possible abortion laws, with no exception for pregnancies resulting from rape, incest, or as necessary to save the life of the mother.  Abortion is a deeply personal and often complex decision for a woman which may be made based on input from her family, her faith and her doctor. Politicians in favor of Amendment 1 want to take the right to make such decisions away from women.


  • YES on 2.HCDP recommends voting YES on Constitutional Amendment 2 because it eliminates the potential of direct elections of Supreme Court and appellate judges.  We believe such elections would jeopardize the nonpartisan impartiality of the judicial branch of government.


  • NO on Amendment 3.HCDP recommends voting NO on Constitutional Amendment 3 because it reflects the current legislature’s aversion to increasing taxes and its passage would prohibit future legislatures from enacting a State payroll or income tax. We believe income and payroll taxes should be available as a means to increase services and decrease our dependence upon sales tax revenues because Tennessee's current tax structure puts an unfair burden on low income households. 


  • YES on Amendment 4. HCDP recommends voting YES on Constitutional Amendment 4 because it gives veterans groups the same rights as other nonprofits who benefit from annual lottery events by adding veterans groups to the list of organizations permitted to raise funds through lotteries.


Click HERE to learn more about Gordon Ball, Democratic nominee for United States Senate, or Email Sandy Lusk to plug into Gordon's Hamilton County campaign.

Click HERE to learn more about Mary Headrick, Democratic nominee for the 3rd Congressional District, or Email Pat Combs to plug into Mary's Hamilton County campaign.


Make sure you have a PHOTO ID with you when you go to vote

You didn't need a photo ID to register to vote but you WILL need one to vote, and not all photo IDs are acceptable.  

The following IDs may be used even if they have expired:

1. Tennessee driver license with your photo
2. U. S. Passport
3. Tennessee Department of Safetly and Homeland Security photo ID*
4. Photo ID issued by federal or Tennessee government
5. U.S. military photo ID, including Veteran ID card
6. Tennessee handgun carry permit with your photo

NOTE: If you are a student at UTC or other college, your student ID will NOT be accepted.  

* You can get a FREE photo ID from a Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Driver Service Center.  There are two centers in Hamilton County: 6502 Bonny Oaks Drive in Chattanooga and 4873 Dayton Boulevard in Red Bank

If you need assistance getting your photo ID, contact the
Hamilton County Democratic Party and we will help you.


We will be well-represented in the Tennessee Democratic Party by these dedicated individuals who won 4-year terms on the Democratic State Executive Committee in the August election:

Betty Ann Allgood - State Senate District 10 - Email Betty Ann

Chris Anderson - re-elected to State Senate District 10 - Email Chris

Sandy Lusk - re-elected to State Senate District 11 - Email Sandy

Jeff Brown - State Senate District 11 - Email Jeff


New Headquarters a Welcome Addition

Over 100 Democrats came to the Open House at our new headquarters at 4300 North Access Road, Suite C, on Tuesday, Febaruary 25.  Go to the Photo Gallery to see pictures taken by Larry Miller, Brenda Nunn and Annie Hall.  If you are a Democratic candidate in need of meeting space, contact Terry Lee to reserve a room at headquarters.  Space is available on a first-come, first-served basis.


The Hamilton County Democratic Party is putting the FUN back in fundraising as we kick off our Feed the Donkey campaign. 

Our donkey likes greens…preferably paper greens…the kind that’ll help pay the rent.  Yes!  The Hamilton County Democratic Party has a new headquarters! It's in a central location with plenty of free parking, handicap accessibility, and two meeting rooms.

Our Feed the Donkey Menu (below) gives you a wide range of options to help with headquarters operations.  Your donation will help us maximize our resources to get the vote out and elect Democrats to office in August and November.  Click on the red DONATE bar to make your contribution! 


  • Keep the water running for a month: $25
  • Keep the phones ringing for a month: $50
  • Keep our website up for a month: $105
  • Provide and heat for a month: $125
  • Put our name on the door - HQ sign: $800
  • Pay the rent for a week: $300
  • Pay the rent for a month: $1286

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